It's This Easy to Hang a Fabric Picture

18 April 2015

It's This Easy to Hang a Fabric Picture

We've worked to make sure that hanging your fabric picture is as simple and successful as it can be. We include instructions with your image for an easy and quick install. This way you'll have a good result and, we hope, be delighted. We have installed many of these and have determined the best technique for installation.

A: Know the size of your image and determine, with the help of a ladder and a level, where the top of the image should be. Using the level and a light pencil, draw a line along the top where the image will be.

B: Find a friend to help. Carefully hang the image by the adhesive stip at the top, starting in one corner, removing the backing to the adhesive and adhering to your wall along the straight line you've sketched on the wall.

We find that the adhesive is able to come off the wall and re-attach to the wall fairly easily and is preferable to trying to adjust by removing the fabric from the velcro. The fabric can become slightly misshapen if its attached and reattached to the velcro too frequently. Try to minimize stress on the fabric. The velcro behaves as a slightly rigid top support that makes installation easier. It's preferable to have one or a couple small wrinkles than to try to adjust the image too much. Fiddling too much can eventually cause the fabric to loose its shape. It's a tapestry, it's ok if there are a couple wrinkles, don't worry. Do your best.

Using a few pieces of the adhesive that we include, adhere the lower corners with pieces. Don't cut the pieces too small or too much tension will be placed on that piece. Use any additional adhesive to attach sides or the bottom. There should be some adhesive left over.

C: Stand back and marvel at your masterpiece!