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We built because we wanted to help everyone have fun printing big things. We built the site so that it's easy to take images and print them and see them around us -- in our real lives. We worked to develop a product that is easy to install and looks great up on the wall. What else would you expect from a bunch of print-tech geeks like us? 

For orders, contact founders Casey Hallas at 718-751-5187 or Casey @ or Andy Brooks at +44 20 77490717 or andy (@)

We love custom projects and helping the theatre and events industry. We have dedicated professionals in London to help you be creative and make things with our remarkable printing and fabrication capabilities. We're enthusiastic about delivering complicated projects seamlessly -- we want to help you shine. And to be on time and on budget. Give us a ring; we would be happy to show you the latest projects we’ve been working on and what we can do. Or check out our site at We love custom projects and we love a challenge.